Sani Sept Disinfectant


                                                 Organic Disinfectant/Fungicide


Our most powerful cleaner with Quaternary Compound. Exhibits superior cleaning performance  Excellent for cleaning air conditioning ductwork and filter as well. pH 11.5 Use dilution: 4-5 oz/gal.


Sanitizes any air system(residential or commercial) in 15 minutes. Combining the germ killing ability with an organic cleaning agent to remove any harmful contaminants. Removes all bacteria, mold, mildew, spores, and allergens. These virals can cause allergy and sickness. Sani Sept can be applied to the system with a fogging machine, pump sprayer or spray bottle.


                           - $49.00 Gallon - $ 269.00/ 6 gallon case

                                            Sunrise Disinfectant


                               $49.00 Gallon - $ 269.00 / 6 gallon case


                                 Odor Gone Deodorizer




                                               Organic Deodorizer

A synergized blend of triple acting enzyme producing bacteria.


Odor Gone eliminates all odors on contact. This product is an organic suspension treatment consisting of an organic enzyme. The enzyme disperses throughout the system consuming and neutralizing all odor causing bacteria, including dirty sock syndrome. This product not only eliminates odors, it eliminates their causes. It consumes all animal & smoke odors in seconds. There is no residual odor after the application.


This all-organic biodegradable cleaner penetrates and emulsifies all types of organic matter on all types of surfaces. An environmentally friendly alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals, it is highly effective for cleaning all types of surfaces in Air Conditioning systems. Our unique and highly effective product is specifically designed to clean and biodegrade. A synergized blend of triple acting enzyme producing bacteria. This product works as a deodorizer and utilizes a proprietary floral fragrance for maximum appeal. pH 7.0 - 8.0 Use dilution: Straight to 1 pint per gallon.


-$49.00 Gallon - $269.00 / 6 gallon case

                                                 Nu Coil Cleaner


                                                            Nu Coil


Our amazing organic coil cleaner. No rinsing or wiping down with water. Just spray it on.


A high quality alkaline detergent system designed to easily and safely clean grease sludge, muck and grime on any Air Conditioning coils.


A high quality alkaline detergent system designed to easily and safely clean grease sludge, muck and grime on external coils. May be used in place; no removal of coil is necessary. High foaming! Spray on and rinse off. Unbelievable results! pH 11.5 Use dilution 1 part with 2 parts water.


    -$39.00 Gallon - $ 209.00 / 6 gallon case

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